Build New Homes with Confidence

Before you pour a foundation for your new home in Central Oregon, it’s crucial to establish a solid rapport with your builder. That’s why at Sage Builders, we begin every job by sitting down with you face-to-face to discuss your desires as well as your budget. Once we have a plan that fits, we present a complete pre-construction package that gives you a precise understanding of what you’ll be getting, when it will be finished, and how much it will cost. We believe no other new home builder in Bend, Redmond or Central Oregon offers as much upfront information:

  • A line-item cost analysis for both you and your lender
  • A complete set of plans and comprehensive list of construction specifications
  • A copy of our construction contract
  • A detailed timeframe for completion of the job
  • An extended 2-10 year Home Buyers Warranty

Once you’ve approved the proposal, Mark and Ryan keep lines of communication wide open. As a new home builder in Bend and Redmond, it’s our goal to put you at ease every step of the way. We do this by being organized and connected with subcontractors, timely with deadlines and inspections, responsive to your questions and concerns, and extremely detail-oriented (some would even say “fussy”).

Sustainability as an Earth Advantage Home Builder

Sage Builders cares about meeting strict green building and energy standards as an Earth Advantage home builder. New homes certified as Earth Advantage have been verified through third-party inspections and performance testing.

With certification from Earth Advantage, homeowners can have the confidence in knowing their new home is performing at its highest potential. The certifications verifies that the new home builder was assisted by Earth Advantage and that the systems and materials were properly installed.

Sage Builders is excited to be an Earth Advantage home builder. By incorporating sustainable elements into our design, systems and materials, we’re using natural resources responsibly and creating new homes that exhibit superior performance and environmental responsibility.

Sage Builder’s Core Purpose

Our core purpose is to improve our clients’ living experience by providing quality, sustainable, value-oriented housing in a timeframe unmatched in the building industry.